Changes in Management of Insurety and Alliance Members

The Insurety alliance has long recognized the value of positive change from within. We have decided to make the following changes to our management structures on the back of a successful 2020 for Insurety and its alliance members.

Johnny Symmonds, currently CEO of Insurety, will adopt the role of chairman of Insurety and he will remain on the Board of Directors of Nordic Guarantee, AssetInsure and Lombard Insurance.

Donny Gouveia, currently CEO of Nordic Guarantee, has been appointed CEO of Insurety and he will have the overall responsibility to develop the global strategy for Insurety. Donny will remain on the Board of Directors of Nordic Guarantee and AssetInsure.

Erik Ljungren, currently Chief Operating Officer of Nordic Guarantee, will replace Donny Gouveia as CEO of Nordic Guarantee at the next meeting AGM in March 2021. Erik has served at the company for 12 years in various roles and currently serves on the Board of Directors .

Thane Duffin, currently Head of Guarantees at Lombard Insurance, will be emigrating to Australia and be joining the AssetInsure team. He will still remain a member of the Insurety management team.

With these changes in management we are confident that we are well positioned to take Insurety, and the alliance members, into the next phase of its development.