Financial figures

We have a combined GWP of approximately EUR 81 million in 2020, across three continents.

Regional and product diversification, together with sustainable revenue and strong positioning in our local markets creates resilience that protects the future of our people, and also ensures that we will have the financial strength to support our clients and beneficiaries in times of difficulty.

We play an important role in assisting clients in the Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy sectors across the regions we operate in.

We are committed to the industry and our beneficiaries and have the capacity to support that commitment – we paid in excess of EUR 24 million in claims (including IBNR and recoveries) during 2020 to support the industries in which we operate.

Our members have provided cover for projects amounting to approximately EUR 5,5 billion across three continents, generating Gross Written Premium of approximately EUR 52 million.

We are experts in understanding insurance risk in construction and related industries, but also have niched specialists for other product portfolios within the different markets where our alliance members operate.

In South Africa we have a strong position in the Trade Credit market, covering EUR 2,9 billion in exposure for our clients.

Our long-term partnerships with our reinsurers allows us to play an equally important role in working with other industries such as Mining, Travel, Customs, Fuel, Logistics, Housing and Rental.