Strategic Areas

Insurety will focus on the following four areas of strategy: International growth, Risk and capital management, Digital technologies and People development

International growth

Insurety will:

  • Set direction for the global growth strategy and drive the standards for corporate and organisational growth in existing and new international markets.
  • Assist our alliance members in increasing sustainable revenue, with the provision of new ideas, opportunities and the transfer of knowledge.
  • Provide a common overarching identity and brand, to complement the alliance members’ own brand and improve their positioning with external stakeholders, such as beneficiaries or capital providers.

One of the assets of this alliance is its creativity,  dynamism and critical thinking. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to launch new products.

We set out to promote collaboration between alliance members and to share the knowledge and products from our home markets with other alliance members and regions.

Insurety will also seek out new international markets to expand on our model of combining local knowledge with the expertise of Insurety alliance members.

Risk and capital management


  • Sets the standards for and drives continuous improvement in our risk management processes.
  • Aims to provide value to the alliance members and shareholders by developing frameworks and tools that will assist them in better understanding their risks.

We will also focus on systems for evaluating the capital we need to operate our businesses with a focus on economic capital estimations.

A good understanding of this is vital for our business as it provides a true financial measure of the profitability of our portfolios. This helps us to buy reinsurance effectively and to improve our ability to price risk.

Digital technologies

We aim to create transferrable digital tools that can be deployed in multiple jurisdictions, enabling efficiencies within the value chain of the business and making our jobs easier. Furthermore, we will promote the technologies that enable us to have better and smarter underwriting, and also to create access to new distribution channels.

People development

Insurety fosters the development of a common culture with different regional flavours based on our existing shared values.

We aim to develop the future leaders in the surety industry, sharing key values and knowledge for our organisations. We will do this by  working together, sharing best practices and understanding that even though we are independent organisations, we can achieve more for our people by working together.