Nordics / South Africa / Australia

Internationa Growth & Strategy

Insurety is a global organisation that will drive and support the growth and sustainability of the initial founding partners and open the door, in time, to new partners in new jurisdictions.

Insurety was formed formally towards the end of 2019 by Assetinsure, Lombard Insurance Company Limited and Nordic Guarantee.


Australia / New Zealand

Innovative, specialist insurance solutions to the business community

Assetinsure is a specialist insurer in the Australian and New Zealand markets, delivering innovative solutions to the business community since 2004.

Lombard Insurance

Sub-Saharan Africa

World-class trade and commercial insurance

Lombard Insurance Company Limited provides world-class trade and commercial insurance solutions to support South African businesses’ sustainable growth.

Nordic Guarantee

Denmark / Finland / Norway / Sweden

Leading expert in guarantees to the Nordic Business Sector

The leading expert in guarantees to the Nordic business sector.

Since the sole focus of the business is guarantees they provide a wide range of standardized guarantees, as well as customized solutions wit a high service level and to competitive prices.

Purpose and vision

Insurety’s purpose is to drive the international strategy for our members, providing advice and solutions to generate sustainable growth and to improve the management of the risks of our alliance members.

Our vision is to build a franchise in surety that will be recognised globally for its dynamism, smart risk selection and management and the development of its people. We want to achieve global significance by enhancing the strength of our local surety experts.

We believe that by combining international excellence and geographical reach with local expertise, we will be able to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

We do this off an already strong base in the international surety market, with presence across three continents and significant market penetration in the regions where our alliance members operate.

The significant market positions our alliance members have in their local markets translates into sustainable revenue generating capability. This makes the combined businesses extremely resilient to economic cycles.

Insurety Benefits

For Clients
For Beneficiaries
  • We partner with our clients, taking the time to understand their business and working out the best solution
  • By contacting Insurety directly any of the member companies can support with the appropriate guarantees
  • We have standard guarantees for several countries but can also assist with tailor made solutions
  • We have large capacities in terms of facility agreements and size of individual guarantees
  • We have highly skilled underwriters with in-depth knowledge in several business areas
  • We combine the appropriate risk analyses with our industry insights to provide customised solutions at a competitive price
  • We differentiate ourselves further through high service levels
  • World class reinsurance program in place gives a secure guarantee and peace of mind
  • Our guarantees represent professional third party opinions of our client’s ability to perform and deliver successfully on specific contracts
  • Highly skilled claims management teams will seamlessly action the call on guarantee in the case of a problem to perform against a contract

The Alliance

Spanning three continents in partnership with Assetinsure, Lombard Insurance and Nordic Guarantee

Capacity & Reach

Covering over EUR 13 billion in risks and providing service to over 4 500 clients


Offering support accross a variety of industries, including construction, energy, mining, fuel, and many others



Mining Rehabilitation Guarantees

Insurety and its member companies; Nordic Guarantee., Lombard Insurance and Assetinsure have experienced teams who are experts in Mining Rehabilitation guarantees.

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Changes in Management of Insurety and Alliance Members

The Insurety alliance has long recognized the value of positive change from within. We have decided to make the following changes to our management structures on the back of a successful 2020 for Insurety and its alliance members. Johnny Symmonds, currently CEO of Insurety, will adopt the role of chairman of Insurety and he will... View Article

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Leadership change at Assetinsure

Media Release: Sydney, 8th December 2020 After 17 years in executive roles for the Assetinsure Group, Gregor Pfitzer will resign as CEO as at 31 December 2020 and step down from the boards of the Group. The decision has been reached by mutual agreement. Gregor will assist in a smooth transition through to the end... View Article

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